Automatic Navigation Devices

This example shows how to create simple automatic navigation devices. Take a look at the Navigation folder to see how it was built. The automatically created links on this page allow you to traverse a collection of folders and sub-folders.

Current Folder: Navigation

Parent Links

The links you see across the top of the page are called breadcrumbs. They show you where you are in the site and let you navigate up the site tree. They are created with a Python-based script, breadcrumbs.py.

Child Links

These automatic links allow you to navigate deeper into the site. These links are created with a Python expression in a Page Template. You could also use a Python-based Script to create the links.

You could customize these links to only show certain sub-folders, rather than listing all sub-folders.

Sibling Links

This navigation device allows you to go to sibling folders. A sibling folder is one that is in the same parent as the current folder. The list of siblings is generated by the siblings.py script.