Lesson 2. Going to Graceland

Zope cannot find the tutorial examples. You should install the tutorial examples before continuing. Choose "Zope Tutorial" from the product add list in the Zope management screen to install the examples.

If you have already installed the tutorial, you can either follow along manually, or reinstall the tutorial examples. Note: make sure that you have cookies turned on in your browser.

Elvis loved his home, Graceland. Let's link an existing page to our web site with information about Graceland.

  1. Click on the graceland Folder.

  2. Inside you should see a number of objects including an index_html document.

If a Folder contains an object named index_html, that object provides the folder's default view. This is just like how an index.html or a default.htm file works with a conventional web server.

At the top of the management screen, you will find a folder icon followed by "Folder at", and the URL of the current folder. In addition to being informative, this URL is a navigation aid. Each part of this URL is a link, and can be used to go to the management screens of parent folders.

  1. Return to the enclosing folder by clicking the lesson2 link in the folder's URL.

  2. Click on the home.html document to edit it.

  3. Change the contents of the home.html document to:

    <dtml-var standard_html_header>
    <dtml-var header.gif>
    Welcome to <i><dtml-var title></i>,
    your source for information about
    Elvis and Elvis sightings.
    <h2>About Elvis</h2>
    Elvis was born in
    <a href="graceland">Graceland</a>.
    <dtml-var standard_html_footer>

  4. Click the Save Changes button.

This adds a link the the graceland folder. Now let's test out the link.

  1. Click the View tab.

You've successfully created a multi-page site with a link between two Zope objects.


Zope files and documents have a lot in common with conventional web pages--they have names, are arranged in hierarchies, and have URLs that correspond to their locations.

In the next lesson you'll learn about moving pages around in Zope.

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