Emil email client supports communication with mobile phones:

Emil and SMS

To use this functionality it is assumed that your mobile phone provider allows to write emails to an email account, which automatically forwards the message as SMS to the mobile phone.

sending of SMS

Emil provides a SMS_Gateway class which supports sending of SMS to mobile phones via a email gateway. These objects should be added under the "SMS" folder.

SMS forward of new mails

To enable SMS notification of arrival of new mesages do the following:

this functionality is only useful, if emails are automatically and periodically checked. You can either write a cron job, or install xron. Add a xron object into the emil main folder and add the following line to the xron object:

<dtml-var "check_EmailAction(_.None,_)">
I had some problems with Xron. I could successfully trigger the xron job, but it did not reload automatically. Tell me if it works for you, or if you have problems, too.

Emil and WAP

To enable wap access, make sure the permission "Emil_WAP_access" is set correctly. Connect your mobile phone to http://path_to_emil/main_wml After typing in the zope username and password it is possible to :

(you should configure your pop connection correctly in the Client_Properties in the main emil Folder)

There is a known problem with wap display and folders containing many emails. I don't know if I will spend too much time to improve the WAP pages, since hardly anybody seems to be using the WAP interface. If you want to supply patches or improve these pages, you are gladly welcome!