This product requires a recent version the python email module to be installed.
It is a standard module in python since 2.2.
Older python versions must get and install it manually from

* make sure you have the latest email module that is available in your system
* move the file into your Products directory and unpack it.
* restart your Zope server
* create a MailHost with the id "MailHost".
* add an Emil_Email_Client, check your mails :-)

Known Problems & solutions:

* Upgrading an instance of Emil_Email_Client from an older version

	some attributes are not set after installation of the new version
	In order to correct this problem, simply go to Client_Properties and press the 
	"change" button. Now the atttributes will be initialized.
	Add an Emil_Addressbook in you main Emil folder
	use "AddressBook" for it's id.

* Installing Emil Email Client on older zope versions:

	older versions of python ( like the one of zope 2.4 ) 
	do not contain the "warnings" module, but 
	the email module 2.0.1 requires it.

	to check if your python version has it, do the following:
	shell> python
	>>> import warnings

	if it is missing
	the following error will occur :
	Traceback (most recent call last):
	  File "", line 1, in ?
	ImportError: No module named warnings

  	copy the file of Emil_Email_Client into the directory of your email module
	cp /usr/lib/python2.0/site-packages/email/

	restart the zope server.

* I get ImportError: No module named email

	the zope server does not find the email module.
	Make sure you get the latest version from
	If you have multiple installations of python on your machine, make sure 
	the python used by the zope server can find it.
	if it is available start python in shell mode and write
		import email
	if no error message occurs, it was installed correctly.

* Zope 2.5 does not work together with python2.2

	some people reported installation problems of zope 2.5.x and python 2.2
	To run emil it is not necessary to have python 2.2 running. The email module 
	also works with older versions of python. Just install the
	zope that comes with your linux distrbituion or download a precompiled zope from	
I will be happy to hear your comments, please mail to: andorsch